Tuesday, 7 April 2015

10 Signs you organization needs Business Intelligence for planning & Analytics

Every organization has a prime focus of acquiring customers, increasing revenues and profitability, and outpacing the competition and invests all efforts to prove the same. However take out some time, think if you need to spend more time analyze on what and how is happening rather than just let your people force do the rigorous, running around trying to solve operational problems and putting out fires.

In the competitive world that we are, having a growth potential business plan, a passionate and loyal team, sticking the right cord, at times is not enough to reach your destination. Most of the companies are using Business Intelligence for Planning & Analytics and it’s your turn now to decide if you need to move from spreadsheets to a Business Intelligence model.

I have here noted few of the signs for an organization to understand if they need a SAP Business Intelligence. Some of the typical situations which may help you make your choice.

  1. Multiple versions of the truth: When every department has a different result or figure and claim to be the right one, it hampers planning & analytics (BI, BO, BPC)
  2. Inability to perform in-depth analysis:  When you know the highest selling outlet but not the product that sells the most due to lack of accurate analytics.
  3. Unable to locate important information: You know there is a report for day to day update of sales or customer but unable to locate it on intranet.
  4. Need for simple-to-use production reporting technology: When you are using a manual process for invoicing and customer often complains being billed twice.
  5. Existing Business Intelligence technology is too difficult to use:  Your team is not on the same platform on using a certain analysis tool and prefers spreadsheet over it.
  6. Historical values are not being retained: Records of previous work stays with individuals and gets untraceable for comparison if the person is not with the organization.
  7. Weak or nonexistent Business Intelligence technology limits your company’s operational flexibility: Your customer base has increased to some hundreds, however you want to always stay identified of your maximum revenue generating customer.
  8. Minor problems seem to get the same attention as major ones: Issues are identified only when they become problems, as all issues are handled with same priority.
  9. Operations not aligned with strategic goals: You have set goals, every department is working towards it but you are unable to track if all the departments are in tune with the common goal. All you planning & analytics (BI, BO, BPC) efforts fall apart without business Intelligence.
  10. Inability to comply with government reporting requirements: You want to provide proper audit trails and data lineage as per government reporting requirement, however lack of planning & analytics (BI, BO, BPC) makes you incompetent.
Now that’s my list of 10’s and If you think your situation matches it there are several companies that can help you with your needs in Business Intelligence for planning & Analytics. We at Orane Consulting Pvt Ltd, placed at Noida, India can provide you with high standard services for planning & Analytics. We have a very professional, well trained and extremely knowledgeable team to handle all your needs. Feel free to contact us.

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