Sunday, 6 December 2015

SAP Solution Manager Competencies and potential Advantages:( Episode 2)

In my previous article we discussed what is SAP Solution manager and some of the competencies and potentials advantage of a SAP solution Manager (you can read the article here), let's explore some more here:

The extra usefulness in the endeavor release of SAP Solution Manager requires broad arrangement and setup for full usage. In any case, ventures that receive all parts of its abilities can understand considerable upgrades in their IT surroundings. Potential advantages from using SAP Solution Manager include:

Increased efficiency and productivity: IDC exploration demonstrates that most associations spend the larger part of their IT assets keeping up their current frameworks. By utilizing the computerized, proactive, and preventive usefulness accessible in SAP Solution Manager, associations can free up IT staff from standard and ordinary undertakings that are required to keep up the IT environment. This can prompt extra proficiency and profitability for the IT office all in all.

Reduced overall risk in IT environment: Most ventures depend on IT to bolster mission-basic business forms in everyday operations. Accordingly, most IT divisions are tasked with guaranteeing the accessibility and unwavering quality of the innovation hidden those business forms, paying little respect to the innovation itself. Usefulness in SAP Solution Manager, including change control administration and underlying driver investigation, can minimize basic framework occurrences and enhance the unwavering quality of programming and equipment over the IT environment.

Faster response and resolution times: When issues do emerge, IT associations must have the innovation and procedures to determine issues in an auspicious manner.The underlying driver investigation usefulness in SAP Solution Manager can help an occupied IT division rapidly analyze and resolve issues in conceivably basic circumstances.

Increased focus on innovation: As specified already, most undertakings center the dominant part of their IT assets on keeping up existing frameworks. By using the computerized and proactive usefulness in SAPSolution Manager, IT associations can build the productivity and adequacy of IT assets. This implies IT staff can concentrate less on keeping up existing frameworks and movement toward advancement and development activities in IT that can empower business development all through the undertaking.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Although this metric can be hard to track and evaluate, more ventures are hoping to screen and measure the aggregate expense of possession for big business programming. In the event that executed effectively and utilized reliably all through the endeavor, SAP Solution Manager usefulness can bring down the general TCO of big business improving so as to programmer and equipment IT staff effectiveness, diminishing general hazard, and lessening the quantity of high-seriousness framework downtime issues.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

SAP Solution Manager Competencies and potential Advantages:( Episode 1)

SAP Solution Manager is a centralized arrangement administration application that keeps running in a client's SAP surroundings and encourages the backing of SAP and non-SAP frameworks and solutions. The new form incorporates extended capacities and usefulness, particularly in the accompanying territories. Having said that is not enough, so let’s explore some of the factors in this and the soon to be followed by article on this topic.

Advanced testing functionality: In the new form of SAP Solution Manager, users can characterize nitty gritty test gets ready for overhauling, adjusting, and including business forms and extra usefulness. Clients can likewise utilize usefulness inside of SAP Solution Manager to execute the test arranges against the proposed changes and resolve any potential clashes and issues before sending into the creation environment.

Real-time system monitoring: SAP Solution Manager Components continuous observing of all SAP and some non-SAP frameworks to maintain a strategic distance from basic issues that could upset everyday operations. Constant checking permits IT divisions to distinguish and resolve potential issues before they can influence the bigger biological community and lead to business process downtime.

Root cause analysis: The venture version of SAP Solution Manager components extra main driver investigation usefulness. These instruments are utilized to analyze and resolve issues when they happen, which can decrease determination time when significant issues do happen.

Change control management. SAP Solution Manager elements propelled change control administration to streamline and speed the ongoing customization and adjustments required for SAP and non-SAP arrangements. SAP Solution Manager usefulness can offer IT divisions some assistance with responding all the more rapidly to asks for from line-of-business administrators, and it can likewise improve the execution andincorporation of new usefulness.

It’s time for us to understand each and every points we discussed here from our own view point and I would be glad to have your perspective on the same topic till we come back with the rest of the aspects of this topic in our next article. Till then just pour in your comments and suggestion, thanks

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

AMS and benefits of outsourcing

In this era of outsourcing in IT companies is the second fundamental for them. The same stands true in case of Application Management Services (AMS) and it will not be wrong to say that it’s the integral part of several companies as their IT outsourcing program.

The main objective of outsourcing AMS is to reduce cost and complexity along with increase agility and innovation. While doing all the listed, it also reduces the risk of delivering from multiple locations around the world.

Outsourcing of any services whether it is Human capital management (HCM), Planning & Analytics, SAP support and enhancement, AMS or about SAP support and SAP  Shared  support the idea is keep a larger business purpose while achieving specific, measurable objectives.

Commonly the main objective of any company in outsourcing SAP AMS services is to attain
  • Cost reduction
  • Minimized risk
  • Improved quality
  • Standardization
  • Speed to market
In the age when it’s a common phenomenon to outsource, their some companies are using innovative technologies to change the way change the way IT is delivered. One such SAP consulting firm is Orane Consulting. The offerings are virtualization, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and cloud computing are changing everything for Application Management Services. With companies like Orane Consulting it is the perfect time to start re-examine your Application Management approach and conclude on your choice if you want to outsource AMS to someone else, or whether it’s time to change your present outsourcing partner.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

10 Signs you organization needs Business Intelligence for planning & Analytics

Every organization has a prime focus of acquiring customers, increasing revenues and profitability, and outpacing the competition and invests all efforts to prove the same. However take out some time, think if you need to spend more time analyze on what and how is happening rather than just let your people force do the rigorous, running around trying to solve operational problems and putting out fires.

In the competitive world that we are, having a growth potential business plan, a passionate and loyal team, sticking the right cord, at times is not enough to reach your destination. Most of the companies are using Business Intelligence for Planning & Analytics and it’s your turn now to decide if you need to move from spreadsheets to a Business Intelligence model.

I have here noted few of the signs for an organization to understand if they need a SAP Business Intelligence. Some of the typical situations which may help you make your choice.

  1. Multiple versions of the truth: When every department has a different result or figure and claim to be the right one, it hampers planning & analytics (BI, BO, BPC)
  2. Inability to perform in-depth analysis:  When you know the highest selling outlet but not the product that sells the most due to lack of accurate analytics.
  3. Unable to locate important information: You know there is a report for day to day update of sales or customer but unable to locate it on intranet.
  4. Need for simple-to-use production reporting technology: When you are using a manual process for invoicing and customer often complains being billed twice.
  5. Existing Business Intelligence technology is too difficult to use:  Your team is not on the same platform on using a certain analysis tool and prefers spreadsheet over it.
  6. Historical values are not being retained: Records of previous work stays with individuals and gets untraceable for comparison if the person is not with the organization.
  7. Weak or nonexistent Business Intelligence technology limits your company’s operational flexibility: Your customer base has increased to some hundreds, however you want to always stay identified of your maximum revenue generating customer.
  8. Minor problems seem to get the same attention as major ones: Issues are identified only when they become problems, as all issues are handled with same priority.
  9. Operations not aligned with strategic goals: You have set goals, every department is working towards it but you are unable to track if all the departments are in tune with the common goal. All you planning & analytics (BI, BO, BPC) efforts fall apart without business Intelligence.
  10. Inability to comply with government reporting requirements: You want to provide proper audit trails and data lineage as per government reporting requirement, however lack of planning & analytics (BI, BO, BPC) makes you incompetent.
Now that’s my list of 10’s and If you think your situation matches it there are several companies that can help you with your needs in Business Intelligence for planning & Analytics. We at Orane Consulting Pvt Ltd, placed at Noida, India can provide you with high standard services for planning & Analytics. We have a very professional, well trained and extremely knowledgeable team to handle all your needs. Feel free to contact us.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What is Business Intelligence and 12 ways how it helps an organization in planning and analytics.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence allows an organization to understand its growth in a more organized way. It helps analyze and predict present and future activities. It also assists in turning data into more useful and significant information. Once you have the ready data you can utilize it at different levels, whenever you need them for potential growth and activities related to it.

How it helps a mid size organization?

Business Intelligence is very popular amongst large organizations at the present time. However small and mid size companies are still not very sure if it will add value to their growth and worth the investment.

With my personal experience and handling Business Intelligence for many small and mid size I have noted some of the ways it helps them in their growth path
  1. Establish the inventory level of a product or part
  2. Identify your best selling products, and its performance at all retail outlets or locations
  3. Identify customers that are cutting on their purchases and offer special incentives to preserve them
  4. Dashboards and scorecards for managers to immediately recognize operational exceptions, and identify budget fluctuations.
  5. Set up performance metrics and perform curative actions if before the high time to overcome the dangerous situation
  6. Compare departmental turnover to identify potential morale problems
  7. Compare year-to-date sales for every financial and performance year, also to utilize it for forecasting the future year and plan accordingly.
  8. Track orders and shipping dates and manage finished goods inventory, also manage the production cycle and supply chain logistics to reduce long term inventory carrying costs
  9. Integrate operational, spreadsheet, and historic data for analysis purposes, while helping to stamp out “spreadsheet chaos”—to provide consistency and “a single version of the truth” for the organization
  10. Provide business users with the ability to perform their own ad hoc analysis, without having to tie up scarce IT resources
  11. Be better able to understand and analyze their own operations and their interactions with their customer, in order to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.
  12. Align daily operations with strategic objectives and quickly recognize when they are not in agreement.
What is most important is the selection of your Business Intelligence consultant, who can be your guide in your difficulties and friend in your needs. We at Orane Consulting Pvt Ltd, placed at Noida, India can provide you with high standard services for planning & Analytics. We have a very professional, well trained and extremely knowledgeable team to handle all your needs. Feel free to contact us.